Imagine for One Minute....

You find a book, propped up on a table, on a park bench, left on the train with a message just for you. A post it note on the front of the book reads “This Book is For You. Read it. Love it. Pay it Forward”. Once you open the book you find a handwritten note inside, written by a complete stranger, that touches your heart and shows you that someone cares…..

An early morning walk…

On Boxing Day 2016, Positive Psychologist Kezia Luckett went for a 5am walk to clear her head. That walk would positively change the lives of billions worldwide as she pondered an age old question ” If you could go back in time to a negative pivotal moment in your life,  would you change anything?”.

With this and many other questions running through her mind, she hurried home and sat in front of her computer as her fingers took on a life of their own, she mapped out not only a book that would connect 55 women in one mission from around the globe, but a new positive psychology modality Mind Conditioning Therapy© that would enable people to gain the wisdom, knowledge and inspiration from past events, and change their stories of them, to empower others.

So in 2018 the´Pay it Forward´books were born,  a unique concept that not only pays forward the knowledge gained within its pages, but also has created a worldwide movement that the reader can join by paying forward the book. Once read there is space within the book for the reader to write their own message of hope and inspiration and then they are invited to put a post it note on the front of the book that reads “THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. READ IT. LOVE IT. PAY IT FORWARD” and leave it for a stranger to find. In this edition, Volume 4, Kezia has collaborated in a one off with the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign.


The Imperfectly Perfect Campaign

In 2012 after suffering with body dysmorphia, Glenn Marsden would come back onto social media, to find that a friend back in the UK had committed suicide. As he sat in total shock, his first thought was, how on earth will his wife tell their little boy, who was the same age as Glenn´s son that daddy was never coming home again?

It was a combination of the two that would set him on a journey to destigmatize all the things we think make us imperfect, disrupt social media,  and break down the barriers that keep so many isolated and alone and the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign was created.

With that passion inside of him, he was able to build this vision that was laid on his heart and turn it in to an international organisation which to date has been featured on Publications and Networks Globally and has amassed over 450 + Influential Public Figures getting on board with him.


Each of our courageous new authors, share their stories of  wisdom, knowledge and inspiration in the hope that they can help and support just one person, who might be going through something similar right now. Each author in the process of bringing their story out to the world, has not only gone through a writing programme to capture the wisdom you will read within the pages, but also a unique positive psychology modality to shift the memories of adversity from the past, into something more empowering for them, and you the reader.

KEZIA LUCKETT is the Author & Creator of The International Best Selling Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self books 1,2,3,4, Positive Psychologist, Business Success Mentor, Self Compassion Consultant and the CEO and Visionary behind the Women of Contribution movement and Human Potentiology. Kezia has been paying forward stories of hope, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration for the last four years along with the 55 authors from volumes 1, 2 & 3 as they have been working together to reach their global mission and movement to positively impact on one billion lives worldwide.

In her private practise she works with individuals, business owners and organisations, to remove the limiting beliefs and false memories that hold individuals and companies back from the success, wealth and happiness they desire.Kezia has appeared on Medium, Authority,, Top Sante, Health Magazine,  Thrive Global, the “Awakening Giants” docuseries, Good Housekeeping, BBC Radio, UK Health Radio and is a contributor to the Relaxx App. 

GLENN MARSDEN is the founder of one of the world’s most Publicized Mental Wellbeing Movements; Imperfectly Perfect Campaign and one of Australia’s leading Speakers, Mentors and Authors. Featured in over 150 + International Publications and Networks, having the backing of over 450 + of the world’s most respected and recognized Public Figures behind his movement, he continues to create impact in the world.

As one of Australia’s leading Speakers, Confidence and Visibility Mentors, he helps Entrepreneurs and Busy Professionals in helping them gain the confidence and tools to become more visible in their business and build authoritative credibility to generate greater profitability.

RACHAEL NEWSHAMFOREWORD is a UK-born, Auckland-based fitness professional and one of the worlds most prolific and highly sought after Public Speakers who travels the world mentoring fitness instructors and inspiring exercisers and is most notably known for being programme director to one of the worlds largest fitness franchises, Les Mills International for over 20 years.

A celebrity trainer, humanitarian, philanthropist and mental health advocate she speaks around the world to some of the largest organisations on the topic of fitness and mental health. She’s been sponsored by multinational corporations like Reebok and Nike and has a loyal following in the millions.

Instagram: Rachael_Newsham

BLAINE BARTLETT is an International Corporate Leader who has mentored and worked with the world’s greatest Businessmen and Women inc. the likes of Bob Proctor, Brian Tracey, David Meltzer amongst many. He is the President and CEO of Avatar Resources, Inc., with affiliate offices in four countries. He has served clients in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the United States.

While living in Japan in the early 1980’s, he managed the business and international consulting division of one of the largest and most successful Human Resource Development and Consulting organizations in Asia. He is also the founder of the Institute of Compassionate Capitalism, a managing director of the Global Coaching Alliance, an Adjunct Professor at China´s Beijing University, Dean of Education and the world business academy and a member of the teaching faculty at the American Association of Physician Leadership.

CHIBS OKEREKE is a Stress and Burnout Specialist, Meditation Teacher and Accredited Mindfulness Facilitator. Chibs works with individuals and organisations, providing practical mindfulness and mental fitness tools to reduce stress, reduce the risk. of burnout and get more done in less time.

He is also a meditation instructor and narrator for Calm, the #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. A former CEO and Founder, Chibs successfully used mindfulness as a tool to recover from work-related burnout.

ALI DUGGAN is a passionate mental health campaigner. A woman on a mission, changing the world’s perspective around mental health and trauma. She is a beacon of hope, a creative visionary, connecting to others through words and song.

She feels others’ pain, because she has witnessed many pains. A reinvention queen, from living her life on pause due to crippling social anxiety, she is now trusting fully in her intuition. In just one year, she flipped the script on a medical diagnosis, completed an inspirational fundraising challenge, became #1 Best-Selling Author, edited another transformational book, achieved her first paid acting role, and left her secure University role after almost 20 years. Now, nothing is impossible in Ali’s world, except maybe flying… yet!

AGA ZIELINSKA aka Skin Sensei. The one & only Skin Ekspert™ in Poland, is on a mission to set your skin free from fake perfection pressure. Hyper-focused, and specializing in skin, she has created several companies, creating a revolutionary skincare system, Skin S.E.N.S.E.I.® (Scientific Evidenced Navigation Strengthening Epidermal Integrity), which has already helped tens of thousands of people to achieve healthy skin and stop fighting fake skin imperfections.

Aga looks at the skin as if it was your best friend and discovers a way to both communicate with it and understand it. Instead of proposing quick fixes, she searches for genetic and epigenetic causes to eliminate skin problems. As an empath, she feels the skin and knows how skin problems can negatively affect emotions and self-confidence.

CLAIR CARRINGTON has been guiding female entrepreneurs through the murky waters of being their own boss since 2007. As one of the first 50 Energy Alignment Mentors in the world, Clair now gives female spiritual business owners around the globe the business foundations and energetic alignment to increase their visibility in the digital landscape.She has spoken in front of 100’s of people internationally and appeared on BBC radio and East Midlands News. Her passion for encouraging women to fulfil their dreams, find their inner strength & discover their purpose and this all stems from her childhood experiences.

Clair has been described as the ‘Ultimate Professional Guru’ as she skillfully empties her client heads of their ‘stuckness’, giving encouraging, effective but simple advice for them to implement leaving them with a strategic plan of action. With a degree in European Languages and Business, Clair now combines her business acumen gained in corporate and self-employment with her love of the ‘woo-woo’. With no incantations or rituals, Clair shows her clients a new way to do business.

CLAIRE GIBBONS is a Fitness Trainer based in South Wales,UK who gives back so much to the world through Health & Fitness. Following a life changing injury, Claire found a fight within herself to push limits and boundaries to become a passionate advocate for the power of fitness for physical as well as mental health, inspiring countless people week on week to never give up on themselves, especially when times get tough.

She is so passionate that she’s looking to expand her knowledge and career currently working towards physiotherapy so that she can guide and help others as she had herself.

ESTHER WELLS  was born and raised in Bristol, in the U.K. It came as no surprise that Esther spent the first 15 years of her career in the care industry. Esther spent years studying and working as a holistic therapist however after concerns about her health, she had to leave this field. This is where Esthers career took a surprising turn into the world of entrepreneurship something she never expected, but 14 years later now knows this is where she always meant to be.

She is proud to be the CEO of Aloe Holistics where she gets to use of all parts of her career together in perfect balance.


LEIGH ANNE GARDINER is a dynamic and disruptive entrepreneur who likes nothing more than to see people’s lives transform from living their everyday life with a ‘mask’ on, hoping to feel safe, small and unseen to a new life of freedom and a second chance at life.

Leigh Anne is the CEO and Visionary of Drop The Mask, inc. and creator of the pattern disruptor program ‘D.E.E.P.E.S.T.’. She mentor’s from a place of compassion and shares her own experience when life was on the brink of destruction until she learned to ‘drop her mask’.

KRISTI MAGGIO  is an entrepreneur in education and author of the award-winning book, “Follows and Likes Is This All That I’m Worth?” She is dedicated to creating access to education and employment opportunities worldwide. For over 20 years, she watched many children fail and feel inadequate merely because they didn’t fit into the traditional way of learning. As a result, she chose to take action and founded a school that gives students the tools to create success in their life no matter who they are or where they come from.

After starting Maggio Multicultural Academy in the Dominican Republic in 2016, Kristi’s mission became clear, to impact the lives of 1 billion youth in the next 10 years by providing an educational program based on entrepreneurship and applied learning. It has become Kristi’s obsession, to make a new ecosystem that provides youth with the skills they need before graduating high school, as well as diminish generational poverty.

ROMY BROOKS is a holistic, integrative therapist and coach combining her MSc in applied positive psychology with her training in drama, clinical hypnotherapy and embodiment to offer one-to-one sessions, creative workshops and talks.

She works with corporate clients delivering strengths-based creative workshops in person and on zoom. She has worked in the charity sector delivering training courses, working with vulnerable families and offering therapeutic sessions. She also works in the field of psychosexual therapy and focuses on the integration of mind, body and spirit in our journey back to Self.

She is part of the creative team working on her brother’s brainchild ‘SuperBrainHeroes Ltd’ – a wrap-around children’s education, wellbeing and entertainment programme for schools, hospitals and home.

Somalía Brown is a wife, mother, author, transformational speaker, and most importantly a World ChangHer. She is ‘The Disruptor’. Somalia disrupts everything and anything concerning you.

Her mandate – to train others to become World ChangHers & DisruptHers and prevent deaths in relationships, both earthly and spiritual, by empowering those to dismantle the “old ways of doing things,” in life and within their relationship with God.

Somalia morphs your spiritual walk from stagnated to accelerated, unlocks your authoritative voice, and increases your spiritual sensitivity, as you assume your rightful position of power.

TIFFANY BRIX is a wellness consultant who brings hope to the world through her inspiring healing journey. Overcoming many autoimmunity challenges since she was a child, she celebrates an important milestone of reversing liver cirrhosis due to autoimmune liver disease. During that healing process she also helped overcome debilitating fatigue and brain fog, common in autoimmune issues.

Tiffany understands the hopelessness that so many people experience with chronic health issues. Her mission is to lead people to take back control and responsibility of their own wellness, use tools to empower the individual, and explore a path to a better quality of life.




‘This book, The Pay It Forward series: Notes to My Younger Self, is an empowering book with 12 unique, individual stories from some truly incredible and inspiring people.

This book demonstrates the potential that we all have. To dive deep inside our souls to find our true authentic selves, the theme of writing a note to our younger selves is beautiful. It allows the reader to see the inner work of navigating through challenges, struggles, and obstacles in life to overcome mental health issues and believe that it truly all starts in the mind.



‘We each experience defining moments in our lives, moments in which we choose to drown in the darkness or look for the light, moments in which we choose to make our destiny or let our destiny make us.

This book is a collection of defining moments shared by some of the most inspiring and inspirational people in the world. It is a compendium of dark nights of the soul followed by sunny days of the spirit.

It is a lighthouse of sorts.



‘The insight and wisdom from every person’s story in this book is profound. Not only are there moments in which you see yourself in parts of somebody’s story, but you also get to acknowledge how pain can be turned into purpose. There is something to be said about people sharing their vulnerability through their personal stories to demonstrate the healing process we all need to go through to find ourselves again.

Thank you for this life-changing gift.



Once you have finished reading your book, write your own message of hope, wisdom and inspiration in the message box at the front of the book, place a post it note on the front that reads “THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. READ IT. LOVE IT. PAY IT FORWARD” and then leave it for a stranger to find. On a park bench, cafe or even on a train, the right person will always pick up the book at the right time and receive the message meant for them.

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