Imagine for One Minute........

You find a book, propped up on a table, on a park bench, left on the train with a message just for you. A post it note on the front of the book reads “This Book is For You. Read it. Love it. Pay it Forward”. Once you open the book you find a handwritten note inside, written by a complete stranger, that touches your heart and shows you that someone cares…..

An early morning walk 

On Boxing Day 2016, Positive Psychologist Kezia Luckett went for a 5am walk to clear her head. That walk would positively change the lives of billions worldwide as she pondered an age old question ” If you could go back in time would you change anything?”.

She had been working with women around the world as they navigated difficult pivotal moments, many of which would change the trajectory of their lives, and she was interested in whether they could turn their moments of adversity into something good. With this idea in mind, she hurried home as her fingers took on a life of their own as she mapped out, not only a book that would connect 55 women in one mission from around the globe, but also a life changing modality, Mind Conditioning Therapy.

Hear From Some of The Authors

Each of the 55 courageous women that said yes to writing back to their younger self, from 10 different countries, did so because they wanted to share the wisdom, inspiration and lessons learnt through the hindsight of time and going through difficult pivotal moments in their lives. From child trafficking, losing one million dollars in an internet dating scam, growing up in a communistic country, man-slaughter charges, to healing themselves from a muscle wasting disease and so much more,
these inspirational stories are told so that no-one has to suffer alone.

Amazon Reviews

“A fascinating read. In this book eighteen brave and wise women have shared their very human stories. The tales are poignant and inspirational, each a triumph over adversity. Highly recommended.”

“I loved this book because so many of the words deeply resonated with me and produced such unexpected stories. Highly recommended to anyone who has reached a pivotal point in their lives and needs that extra push to move forward. I give this five stars for the courage it took successful women to tell stories that few knew about and could extract the positive from them. Thank you.”

“A provocative, emotional and uplifting book to read. If you want to be more courageous, confident and develop a good dose of grit and self belief then this book is full of wisdom that will touch and inspire you.”

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