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We all have the potential to reach a point in our lives when we are fed up with a life on autopilot. Maybe you´ve reached that point because of a major life event, or feel pushed through the feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout, whatever the reason, if you desire a new way of being then you are in the right place.

Ignite- The Energy Code® is a journey of remembering of who we truly are, as we step down from the masculine push, hustle and strive to balance this with a more relaxed, feminine centred way of being.

This page is dedicated to our amazing Self Compassion Therapists who I am going to introduce in a minute. Each of them have been right where you are now, standing at a crossroads knowing that there has to be more to life than what they have experienced up till now. Not only did they desire more out of life, they knew that they deserved it, not by working longer and harder but by rebalancing the different energy spaces we go through, and releasing what no longer serves them to live a life in perfect harmony.


We believe that there are two main stages to becoming a Self-Compassion Therapist. The first is our own personal journey, as we cannot help others until we have supported and helped ourselves.

This is why all of our Self-Compassion Therapists go through a three month, live, transformation process called “Ignite” to fully understand how the Energy Code® works for them. They then continue their practice in a six month, live intensive training programme learning the science behind Positive Psychology, Self-Compassion and a unique modality called Mind Conditioning Therapy® as well as the business side, to be equipped to support and guide others.


Helen Jane

Helen is an international best-selling author, and creator of Permission to Pause, Clarity to Create and Reawaken your Purpose. Helen is one of the first 16 certified Energy Alignment Method Mentors, a Certified Coach and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the GHR. 

After many years working in the travel industry Helen was forced, at the age of 48 to change direction following major back surgery, depression, and burnout.  Helen felt lost, unseen and unheard as she stepped into her 50’s. Helen is passionate in her work, guiding midlife women to set themselves free from the expectations of others and society to rediscover themselves and their dreams.

Contact Details:

Location: Durham, England

Claire Rowlands

 A multipassionate creative, highly sensitive person and intuitive empath, Claire combines The Energy Code® and Mind Conditioning Therapy® working on a deep intuitive level to assist you to identify any emotional patterns or blocks that are preventing you from moving forward and achieving your dreams.

Claire has a passion to help fellow sensitive women to embrace Sensitivity, their Superpower in an often overwhelming world. She believes everyone is creative and uses simple techniques that will help you feel empowered to unblock your path and create a way forward in your life.

Contact Details: 

Location: North Wales

Debbie Van Brocklin

Having spent over 30 years in her role as a veterinary technician, Debbie is acutely aware of the role that animals have in our healing process.

Following her own experience of domestic abuse and partner suicide, Debbie is a champion for all women who have endured domestic abuse.

Debbie guides women to thrive after trauma and uncover the power within, using the balance of self compassion with The Energy Code®, the hope that comes with walking in Faith, and the healing energy of being around animals.

Contact Details:
Location: Kentucky, United States


Jacqueline Freeman

Jacqueline is a visionary for love, change and empowerment for all mums. As a mum of three, she knows firsthand what it feels like to experience survival and burnout, as she navigated and survived a narcissistic relationship.

She created Soulmums, a platform of support for mums, knowing that even though Motherhood is rewarding it can be hard, requiring daily effort. The Energy Code® allows mums to stop self sabotaging and release the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from embracing the remarkable freedom that comes from truly being themselves  and living authentically, with the balance of motherhood.

 Contact Details:

Location: Poole, England

Tracy Leonetti

An experienced relocation expert with over 30 years of living, working & business in France. Tracy enhances the speed with which clients access the the French system by helping them navigate the rough waters of the bureacracy in France.

Her motto is to “live your dream life” now not wait until retirement and will be bringing this ethos together with her expansive knowlege of business success to  guide her clients to have both, success and balance.

Contact Details:
Location: France




Have you always known that you were put on this planet for something more than what you have experienced up till now ?

Did you know from a young age that you were here to make a positive difference in the world? 

Do you wish to start your own mentoring/coaching business or build your current one but are not sure where to start?

Have you experienced the power of the Energy Code and would love to bring it into the work you currently do?

Are you ready to surround yourself with a like minded community of inspirational women, who have a passion for making a difference to the world just like you?

Do you want to be part of an inspirational movement that is set to positively change the trajectory for generations of people to come?


To book a call with Kezia Luckett to discover when the next Ignite the Energy Code programme is, or whether you are ready to train as an Self Compassion Therapist and Mind Conditioning Therapist


What qualifications do I need to train as an Self Compassion Therapist and Mind Conditioning Therapist?

To train as an Self Compassion Therapist and Mind Conditioning Therapist ® individuals must have completed the live “Ignite” three month programme.

How long does the training last?

Level 1- Ignite programme is a three month programme and Level 2 – Practitioner training is another six months. 

When does the next Ignite Programme run and can I sign up for both?

The next Ignite programme starts in February 2022, and yes you can sign up for both level 1- Ignite and level 2 – Practitioner at the same time and spread payments over 9 months 

What does the training consist of?

The training is broken down into four parts.

1. You will be taught in live sessions with Positive Psychologist, Kezia Luckett as you learn more about the science behind the practice, the business and the tools that will support you moving forward

2. Case study: You will be invited to do a case study on one individual

3. Final written examination: This will be a ten question paper around the knowledge that has been shared during the course  

4. You will have a 1:1 business planning session with Kezia to tailor the Energy Code to your business

What is Mind Conditioning Therapy?

This is Kezia´s trademarked, transformational modality which allows clients to decode the human nature, behaviour & emotions that have kept them stuck in repeating patterns and gain the exponential growth they desire, without the sacrifice of their health, wellbeing and happiness. Positively reprogramming the negative beliefs, fears and experiences that individuals are conditioned by.  

Once I have qualified what then?

Once qualified you will be able to take client´s through the step by step C.O.D.E Method (The Energy Code) and Mind Conditioning Therapy for long lasting, transformational change on an individual basis. You will have a session with Kezia on how to integrate the learnings with your own programme

How much does it cost to train?

The cost of Level 1 – Ignite (personal) and Level 2 – The Practitioner (Business) programme costs $5,555 or GBP 4,000 payment plans over 9 months are available.

Separately Level 1 – Ignite is $2222/GBP 1666 
Level 2 – Practitioner is $3555/GBP 2666

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