Ignite 2021

The Energy Code®

A 3-month programme of discovery, learning how to live life in total authentic alignment, with all the tools you need to finally unlock the portal to manifesting with ease, becoming a super charged attractor and gaining the energy to navigate the ups and downs of life effortlessly.

As you recalibrate your electromagnetic frequency and learn first-hand the magic of working WITH your unique energy code rather than against it, you will experience how it can contribute to your success, as you stop treading water and step into the realms of possibility.


Now is the time to tap back into the power of being you

What Will You Discover in Ignite?

Stop the negative monkey chatter and self-sabotaging programming that has held you back.

Harness the power of YOUR non-negotiables and boundaries, for beautiful interpersonal and business relationships.
Activate your Energy Code®, to consciously and intentionally live life to the full in total flow, without the resistance.
Ditch the self-sacrifice to honour and trust that you can contribute from an overflowing well of possibility.
Shine your brilliance out to the world to energetically connect with the right people and opportunities that will sky-rocket your life.
Learn how to quickly and effectively bring your heart and brain back into coherence whatever the situation and raise your electromagnetic frequency, magnetising your results.

Meet your guide

Hello, I´m Kezia Luckett I don´t believe we´ve met. As a Positive Psychologist I specialise in assisting highly successful, soul led female entrepreneurs and business owners release repeating patterns and scale to optimum levels of success, wealth and happiness, and I am so happy to finally meet you.

The Energy Code® is a peak performance tool that I have used with my private clients that creates an incredible recalibration to the power within, providing extraordinary results and it gives me absolute goosebumps to bring it all together in the “Ignite” programme to help you shift from where you are now, to where you desire to be, fully aligned to the realms of possibilities.

Feeling the love

Tasha Powell Chen

Co-Founder of The Science of Getting Rich Academy

The Energy Code has changed my life, helping me to recalibrate to the energetic match that I desire in my relationships, business and life. The permission and acceptance it has given me to live life in accordance with my own Energy Code and move away from the repeating, outdated patterns that have kept me in stuck in certain cycles has been a true god send and resulted in a deeper and more self- honoring relationship with me. Showing up as this new aligned version of me has created the kind of confidence in relationships and business that I have always longed for. Now I attract higher paying clients because they match my self -worth and I have become masterful at standing for what I deserve in the relationships I desire.

Jane Baker

High Ticket Sales Strategist

I'm a self-confessed high performer and always have been, I've hit burnout more times than I care to remember and despite doing a lot of work on this over the years I still hadn't got it quite right.

Since working with Kezia on the energy code so many things have changed for me. I feel as if I understand myself so much better, before when I'd think of myself as being lazy, when I had that week where I didn't feel I could perform as well as the week before, I now understand I'm not lazy I'm just in a different part of my cycle.

Since leveraging the energy code I've found myself to be way more productive (and I thought I was pretty productive before) I've easily more than doubled my sales without changing anything other than working with my energy code vs against it. If you really want to stop feeling like things are hard, hitting burnout or just being more productive then I highly recommend the energy code. You'll get more done, make more money and wonder why you never knew about this sooner

Shari Teigman

Performance Coach & Business Spark Strategist

One of the hardest things about being a performance coach and business strategist is knowing that as much as you can help others, you cannot ‘operate’ on yourself. When I met Kezia, I knew immediately that I found the someone who could ‘Shari coach’ me when I cannot coach myself.

The Energy Code system and Kezia’s magic in general is the answer for those of who have done the foundational work, maybe even teach it, but still need to continue to work on our humanness to be the superheroes our clients need us to be without burnout or over pushing.

It’s graceful in its simplicity and powerful in the methodology- aka even high achievers can’t wiggle out of the necessary work that will amplify our brilliance in the RIGHT energy of what we need when we need it. No templates, no fluffy speak it’s about identifying where you are, what you need and learning to function better by finding your own flow. Thank you Kezia for helping me in the areas I can’t reach in myself It’s catapult time xx

Frequently asked questions

When does Ignite start?

We are starting on Thursday 25th March at 8pm UK time, where we kick off in style with a Welcome Party.

How long is the Ignite programme?

This is a 90-day programme, designed to bring you back into your personal power and release those habits that have kept you at a plateau in your life and business. It takes 21 days to change a habit and 90 days to make a permanent lifestyle change and that is my wish for you. 

How is the programme rolled out?

This is a live group programme calibrated to those in the group, unless you have opted for the VIP option which is a fully immersive hybrid programme consisting of live group work, 1:1 private sessions with me and exponential shifts in all areas of your life.  

What is your refund policy?

It´s simple, join the programme and if Ignite doesn’t improve your life within 21 days, email me at Kezia@kezialuckett.com. I’ll ask for your completed coursework to make sure you gave it a go and ask what didn’t work for you so I can learn and improve, and then I will give 100% of your money back.