Imagine for One Minute....

You find a book, propped up on a table, on a park bench, left on the train with a message just for you. A post it note on the front of the book reads “This Book is For You. Read it. Love it. Pay it Forward”. Once you open the book you find a handwritten note inside, written by a complete stranger, that touches your heart and shows you that someone cares…..

An early morning walk…

On Boxing Day 2016, Positive Psychologist Kezia Luckett went for a 5am walk to clear her head. That walk would positively change the lives of billions worldwide as she pondered an age old question ” If you could go back in time to a negative pivotal moment in your life,  would you change anything?”.

With this and many other questions running through her mind, she hurried home and sat in front of her computer as her fingers took on a life of their own, she mapped out not only a book that would connect 55 women in one mission from around the globe, but a new positive psychology modality, that would enable people to gain the wisdom, knowledge and inspiration from past events, and change their stories of them to empower others. 

So in 2018 the´Pay it Forward´books were born,  a unique concept that not only pays forward the knowledge gained within its pages, but also a worldwide movement that the reader can join by paying forward the book. Once read there is space within the book for the reader to write their own message of hope and inspiration and then they are invited to put a post it note on the front of the book that reads “THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. READ IT. LOVE IT. PAY IT FORWARD” and leave it for a stranger to find. 

connecting humanity to a new way of living…

In 2012 after suffering with body dysmorphia, Glenn would come back onto social media, to find that a friend back in the UK had committed suicide. As he sat in total shock, his first thought was, how on earth will his wife tell their little boy, who was the same age as Glenn´s son that daddy was never coming home again?

It was a combination of the two that would set him on a journey to destigmatize all the things we think make us imperfect, disrupt social media,  and break down the barriers that keep so many isolated and alone.

Within 12 months, he walked that journey to the world putting one foot in front of the other and with each step spreading awareness and bringing together some of the world’s most respected and recognised faces across a multitude of Industry Sectors to help him on that journey. With that passion inside of him, he was able to build this vision that was laid on his heart and turn it in to an international organisation which to date has been featured on Publications and Networks Globally and has amassed over 450 + Influential Public Figures getting on board with him.   



Eden Sassoon is the daughter of legendary beauty icon Vidal Sassoon. Influenced by the impact her father left on the industry, she has made her own mark globally with her full service salon, EDEN by Eden Sassoon, and two luxury Pilates studios in Los Angeles. Her desire to forge her way led to her building the nonprofit organization Beauty Gives Back, which unites the hair industry in fighting the global water crisis. 

Now sober for four years, this beauty and wellness entrepreneur lives her life on an ongoing cleanse and is one of the incredible faces and ambassadors behind the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign’s Global Efforts.


Blaine Bartlett is an International Corporate Leader who has mentored and worked with the world’s greatest Businessmen and Women inc. the likes of Bob Proctor, Brian Tracey, David Meltzer amongst many. He is the President and CEO of Avatar Resources, Inc., with affiliate offices in four countries. He has served clients in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the United States. While living in Japan in the early 1980’s, he managed the business and international consulting division of one of the largest and most successful Human Resource Development and Consulting organizations in Asia. He is also Founder of the Institute for Compassionate Capitalism, a Managing Director of the Global Coaching Alliance, an Adjunct Professor at China’s Beijing University, Dean of Education at the World Business Academy, and a member of the teaching faculty at the American Association for Physician Leadership and has worked and consulted for the worlds best organisations including Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Apple, American Express…


Jeremy Jackson is an American actor and singer. He is best known for his role on one of the worlds most-watched television series in the world, ‘Baywatch’ with an estimated weekly audience of 1.1 billion viewers, earning it a reputation as a pop cultural phenomenon and be featured in the Guiness Book of World Records. He went on to tour the world alongside his co-star David Hasslehoff with his music, and continued in the public eye through numerous films and tv shows. 

Jeremy is very open about his personal struggles overcoming addiction and is one of the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign’s leading ambassadors regularly sharing our global efforts around the world on shows. 





Meet your guides

Glenn Marsden is the CEO | Founder of the world´s fastest growing, most Publicised mental health Initiatives ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ who´s mission is to connect humanity to a new way of living, by destigmatising those things we feel make us imperfect.
His organisation ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ gained Global Recognition within 12 months and has now seen over 450+ of the worlds most Influential Public Figures from Celebrities to Corporate Leaders get on board and grow the organisation to an exponential reach of over 7 million.

Meet your guides

Kezia Luckett is the creator of The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self books who´s mission is to positively impact on one billion lives, as well as a highly respected Positive Psychologist with an international business working with celebrities, lawyers, CEOs, influencers, entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them create an unstoppable mindset to scale for optimal levels of success, wealth and happiness with her modality Mind Conditioning Therapy.


When does the writing process start?

It starts at the beginning of May, 2022 weekly on a Thursday evening at 8pm UK time. Specific date to be confirmed 

How long is The Pay it Forward Programme?

 The initial writing process takes 12 weeks, the book will then be edited and formatted by our team, while you take a well deserved rest, and then we will come back together to explain the book launch strategy and next steps nearer the launch in November, 2022.

What is included in the writing process?

Not only will you be guided each week to construct your chapter for this collaborative book, you will also experience a little bit of Mind Conditioning Therapy, Kezia Luckett´s unique modality that helps her clients to release limiting beliefs and stories and step into their mission in this world.

How is the programme rolled out?

This is an online group programme which will meet weekly, unless you have gone for the VIP Author, which also includes some one to one sessions with Glenn and Kezia 

What is your refund policy?

It´s simple  join the programme and if it is not for you, email us within 10 days, at .

Where can I find all the terms and conditions?

When you go through to pay a copy of the terms and conditions will be available for you to read

What is the cost to become a contributing Author?

We have two options Exclusive which is $4,888 Pay in Full Price or the VIP which is $11,111 Pay in Full Price.
Details of both are above

Will there be a book launch?

Yes there will be a book launch, unfortunately due to the issues still with some countries flying, this one will be an online event unlike any other.

Once I am a co-author will I earn royalties from the book sales?

The royalties from book sales through Amazon, Kindle and Book Stores will be re-invested back into the work being created at Imperfectly Perfect, however you will once the book is launched, be able to purchase your own copies of the book at cost price, plus shipping and handling and then sell these to your clients. 

How will being a part of this book help my business?

There are so many different ways, where to start?

Firstly the celebrities chosen to be your book brothers and sisters have been ambassadors for the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign since it started, sharing the mission and their involvement in it on any platforms they go on from TV to interviews. With this in mind they will be sharing their contribution to the book and in turn, your stories too. 

Each of our bonuses have been carefully selected to help build your credibility further and help reach with your mission, including being in our magazine which has a subscriber list of over 30,000

If you are one of our VIP authors, you will also receive bonuses that will help create content for your social media and website, as well as tap into the knowledge of the founder of Imperfectly Perfect who has created a 7 million reach in just 4 years with over 450 celebrities and public figures

Add to that your book brothers and sisters sharing their stories and in turn your own, this will allow you to utilise your book as a credibility piece for talks, podcasts, tv appearances and journalistic pieces in your local newspaper.



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