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Ignite is for big hearted, soul centred women who no longer want to experience the peaks and troughs of business and life, they are ready to finally ignite the power within, honour the art of self-compassion and experience the exponential growth that they see happening for others, without the burnout, overwhelm and exhaustion by working less and enjoying life more.

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Hey, let´s talk…

As a smart, busy woman you have followed the rule books, ticked the boxes, done everything “right.”

You´ve followed the rule books of life and business but it still feels like with every step forward you keep falling 20 steps back.

And with each stagnant pause, disappointment sits heavier and heavier as you ask yourself am I not able to create the “Successful” life I see others lead? 

Sound familiar?

For most women there is a missing piece of the puzzle that so many overlook, a piece that will almost instantly alleviate the hustle, the grind, the endless pushing and striving that brings exhaustion, overwhelm and tiredness and instead restore balance and harmony.

Mastering the art of self-compassion empowers you to step back from that feeling of push & pull, feast & famine, where everything feels really hard, and instead ignite the ability within to master life with the ease and grace you see others

Imagine just for one minute that things were different

how would it feel to…

Easily and effortlessly release the burnout and overwhelm as you discover what feels good in a way that feels fully authentic and totally aligned?

Finally give yourself permission to STOP & step away from the constant exhaustion with the knowledge that “being” rather than constantly “doing” will provide you with rewards far greater than you can begin to even imagine?

Stop working every hour that god sends as you intuitively KNOW when to push forward and when to pull back, gaining the optimum levels of success, wealth & happiness you deserve.

Finally stop second guessing yourself as you put a stop to your self-sabotage and achieve your goals with grace & ease.

Release the patterns of the past that have been passed down the generations and create an energy code that works for you, rather than against you.

say hello to….

IGNITE-The Energy Code®

A programme of re-discovery, where you will learn how to live life in total authentic alignment, with all the tools you need to finally understand who you truly are, and what brings you joy whilst masterfully navigate the ups and downs of life effortlessly.

As you recalibrate your electromagnetic frequency and learn first-hand the magic of working WITH your unique self-compassion energy code rather than against it, you will experience how it can contribute to your success, as you stop treading water and step into the realms of possibility.

Not sure if Ignite is for you?

This programme is for you:

If you are fed up with lack of consistency in your results and are ready to embrace all that life has to offer on your terms.

You understand that one size doesn´t fit all and want to create a unique self-compassion Energy Code that works with you rather than against you allowing you to experience exponential growth in all areas of your life.

You want to know specifically when to push forward and when to pull back in line with your feminine and lunar cycles.

You are ready to understand which of the eight self-sabotaging patterns that are threatening to derail you and how to move past them.

This programme is not for you:

If you are not ready to stop, surrender and take time back for you.

If you are happy working every hour that god sends without the results you desire.

You are not committed to doing the work of being, rather than doing and prefer to run yourself ragged.

So, what makes Ignite truly unique?

This is your safe place to recalibrate and shift your income, relationships and lifestyle by tapping into your unique internal power source, magnetizing it for the results you want.

With four different feminine energy spaces that you navigate through each hour, day, month and year, mastering each allows you to fully understand your own powerful Code that has often been thrown out of kilter with life and unlock the secrets to supercharge any results you desire.


This is a survival zone, when you are on the verge of exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout as you are constantly in the busyness of your head and disconnected from your body. You have been helping so many others you have been ignoring the signs from your body that tell you to STOP and have finally reached a point where everything shouts no more


In this space you have moved out of your head and back into your body, accepting the power that comes from “being” rather than “doing.” You embody self-compassion giving yourself permission to rest, quietening your mind to allow you the silence to listen to your inner desires, discover your sense of purpose and start to take action on the awakened internal intuition inside, courageously honouring what you need.


This is when you move into your superpower, receiving downloads and fabulous ideas that will sky-rocket your business. Your feminine energy is matched with the masculine energy of taking creative action with the right people, at the right time to supercharge your business, life and inner passions as everything starts to step into flow.


You are in total flow, happy in the present moment  and shining your inner light inward, outward and far beyond. From this space your bucket is overflowing as you are content,  leading the way, helping others and creating a powerful legacy and impactful footprint just by being you. This energy space is a beautiful balancing act of the feminine and the masculine. 

Now is the time to tap back into the power of
self-compassion and embrace being you


What Will You Discover in Ignite?

Stop the negative monkey chatter and self-sabotaging programming that has held you back.

Harness the power of YOUR non-negotiables and boundaries, for beautiful interpersonal and business relationships.

Activate your Energy Code®, to consciously and intentionally live life to the full in total flow, without the resistance.

Ditch the self-sacrifice to honour and trust that you can contribute from an overflowing well of possibility.

Shine your brilliance out to the world to energetically connect with the right people and opportunities that will sky-rocket your life.

Learn how to quickly and effectively bring your heart and brain back into coherence whatever the situation and raise your electromagnetic frequency, magnetising your results.

Your investment in your future:

Two different options to join: Exclusive or VIP pay in full or spread your payment

Feeling The Love for Ignite – The Energy Code



One of the hardest things about being a performance coach and business strategist is knowing that as much as you can help others, you cannot ‘operate’ on yourself. When I met Kezia, I knew immediately that I found the someone who could ‘Shari coach’ me when I cannot coach myself. The Energy Code system and Kezia’s magic in general is the answer for those of who have done the foundational work, maybe even teach it, but still need to continue to work on our humanness to be the superheroes our clients need us to be without burnout or over pushing. It’s graceful in its simplicity and powerful in the methodology that will amplify our brilliance in the RIGHT energy of what we need when we need it. No templates, no fluffy speak it’s about identifying where you are, what you need and learning to function better by finding your own flow. 



The last 3 months have been an amazing journey travelling with Kezia through her ignite program. Oh my goodness what a journey. I reconnected with who I am and began to take back control of my destiny. I loved learning the energy code and how it relates and affects my life on a daily basis. It is so good to have my mojo and power back.

Thank you Kezia I have loved working with you and feel that this journey has just begun. I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future



Being part of Ignite: The Energy Code with Kezia was not only a game changer, it was a life changer! I was at a place in my life feeling like a fish out of water. I felt drained, stuck in neutral and no idea which direction to go.

Through the Energy Code I have learned to be more in tune with myself, honor each energy space, set boundaries AND stick to them. Overall, I feel more in a place of peace and calm. The bonus is that other people have noticed a difference in my behavior and mood. I am very grateful for Kezia and The Energy Code.



I’m a self confessed high performer and always have been, I’ve hit burnout more times than I care to remember and despite doing a lot of work on this over the years I still hadn’t got it quite right. Since working with Kezia on the energy code so many things have changed for me. I feel as if I understand myself so much better and before when I’d think of myself as being lazy when I had that week where I didn’t feel I could perform as well as the week before I now understand I’m not lazy I’m just in a different part of my cycle. Since leveraging the energy code I’ve found myself to be way more productive (and I thought I was pretty productive before) things just flow to me and exploded in ways I never considered before purely by working with my energy code vs against it. If you really want to stop feeling like things are hard, hitting burnout or just being more productive then I highly recommend the energy code. You’ll get more done, make more money, have everything feel so much easier and wonder why you never knew about this sooner. Basically I highly recommend this to everyone who wants success without the burnout, hustle and hard!



The Ignite Programme has literally ignited a chain reaction of events and changes in my life which have led me to the point where I have my longed-for blank canvas to build the life I would wish for myself.  I had previously felt called to join the Ignite Programme but didn’t feel it was appropriate for me as I wasn’t an entrepreneur.  When the Ignite Programme opened up for the second time I reached out to Kezia despite my fears about not belonging and I’m so glad I did.  

I’ve worked for the NHS for 22 years and have felt burnt out for a number of years but kept pushing through.  When I started on the programme for a long while I alternated between the Nurture and Whisper energy spaces.  The first couple of times I found myself in the Create space I felt actually felt scared and unsafe and I found myself putting myself back into Whisper.  The Ignite Programme has impacted every aspect of myself and my life in so many amazing and positive ways.  Those who know me well have said my whole demeanour has changed.  


Kezia is one of the most profound mentors I have worked with in my career as a Health. & Lifestyle coach, with compassion, humility and a desire to create the changes within us that we have desired yet hadn’t attained. In 2020 Kezia magically appeared into my life and transformed my negative beliefs in myself and the work I wanted to do. Through her mind conditioning Therapy, The energy code as well as her humility for Women to shine and rise higher than they ever thought possible, I have reached a level in my business and my self-belief that I thought would never be possible. When I found Kezia and her work it was a HELL yes and an all into work with her. I am so, beyond, happy and grateful that I said yes to Kezia but yes to myself so that I could focus and rebuild what I thought wasn’t possible. Kezia has enabled me to uplevel my beliefs, my business and my mission and passion in my work. #forevergrateful. Thank you Kezia, not only for what you do, but for who you are




I have recently completed Kezia Luckett’s Ignite The Energy Code Live course. I have been a fan of Kezia’s for many years and under her guidance have made leaps and bounds in my personal development. However, towards the end of last year, I hit something of a wall; understanding what I needed and wanted to do in order to manifest my dreams, but battling a constant barrage of self-deprecation and procrastination which stopped me from actually making them come true. The course has been a true ‘aha’ moment for me. I now understand the importance of listening to my body and utilising its energy – at any given time – to my best advantage. My constant need to get things done has been replaced by an acceptance of the need to stop when my body tells me to, so that when my bucket is topped up again, I create and shine in the most potent way. I have also ceased finding reasons not to continue with my dreams, understanding that the closer I actually come to making them happen, the louder the voices in my head telling me that I won’t succeed, grow!

The Energy Code Live course was the kick I needed. I urge anyone, teetering on the verge of something amazing but still holding themselves back, to enrol. This course has been the final wrung in the ladder of truly believing in myself.

Meet your guide

Hello, I´m Kezia Luckett I don´t believe we´ve met. As a Positive Psychologist I specialise in guiding highly successful, soul led women, female entrepreneurs and business owners to release repeating patterns and scale to optimum levels of success, wealth and happiness, as they learn how to finally love themselves, and I am so happy to finally meet you.

So many of us are taught from a young age to make meaningful contributions to the world around us, however over the years many women find that this inadvertently shifts to self-sacrifice, as they put everyone and everything ahead of their own happiness. So, I am so excited to offer this programme and show you how you too can step off a life of autopilot and finally love yourself.

Frequently asked questions

When does Ignite start?

It starts on the 13th October, 2022 at 8PM UK TIME and every thursday evening thereafter

How long is the Ignite programme?

This is an intensive 30 day programme, designed to bring you back into your personal power and release those habits that have kept you at a plateau in your life and business. With space to implement and integrate your learnings, awareness and understanding for full transformational change.

How is the programme rolled out?

This is an online live group programme calibrated to those in the group.

What is your refund policy?

It´s simple, join the programme and if Ignite doesn’t improve your life within 14 days, email me at Kezia@kezialuckett.comI’ll ask for your completed coursework to make sure you gave it a go and ask what didn’t work for you so I can learn and improve, and then I will give 100% of your money back. If you purchased through the 12 month Evolution of Women programme the refund policy is different. 

Once I have been through Ignite, can I train as one of your Self-Compassion Therapist?

I am so excited to offer training as a self-compassion therapist. In order to be accepted you have to go through a live version of Ignite (level 1). In the therapy programme you will not only learn the unique Energy C.O.D.E Methodology and how to use this with clients but Kezia, will do a private 1:1 session with you as you explore how to integrate this process into your own area of interest. The SCT and MCT therapies are included and this programme takes 6 months 

What qualification does the Self-Compassion Therapy course give?

The programme gives you an accreditation in both The Energy Code, C.O.D.E methodology and Mind Conditioning Therapy and qualifies you as a Self-Compassion Therapist. 

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