A year from now who will you become?

If you are here, you are ready. Ready to set the world on fire, to be the creator of an extraordinary life, a life that fully enhances what you are DOING, with who you are BECOMING.

As a woman on this mission you understand the power that comes with tapping into exponential growth in all areas of your life and leading yourself to leave a positive impactful footprint on the world, just by being YOU.



As you desire a deeper, more expansive experience of life, you activate those inner whispers into the biggest dreams and UNAPOLOGETICALLY embrace the full essence of who you are becoming and the VALUE  you bring to this world, no matter where you are or who you find yourself surrounded by.

Aligning the energetic principles of bringing your mind, body and soul into harmony, activates the power within you to calibrate, integrate and elevate your life and evolve into the woman you were put on this planet to be, earning more money, deepening relationships and living a happier life

Hey Gorgeous, let´s talk…

The Evolution of Women is a sacred Container, a 12 month calibration portal for women who desire to step into the expansive realm of the miraculous and fully embrace all that life has to offer, just by being themselves..

To calibrate, integrate and elevate, to a whole new world financially, emotionally, mentally and physically, rebalancing the feminine and masculine.

No more hustle and strive, no more lack of security or support.

A 12 month container

 Each woman that steps into this container is a powerhouse trusting herself to lead her journey in her way, knowing that she will receive everything that she needs during these 12 months. In a powerful community of women ready to rise, where exponentially growth happens, as time is collapsed.

The Evolution of Women is a year long programme, during which you are committing to your own personal journey dedicating your time and energy to grow for a full year. 

Imagine just for one minute that things were different

how would it feel to…

Finally give yourself permission to throw out the rule book and UNAPOLOGETICALLY embrace all aspects of who you are and in the process get paid for being you, loved for being you and manifest the life you desire ?

To be PAID to be you as you calibrate to the wealth and abundance that is your birthright. No more hustle and strive, no more pushing and shoving, learn the feminine way to attract wealth and abundance into your life ?

Step away from the constant exhaustion of a life on autopilot with the knowledge that “being” rather than constantly “doing” will provide you with rewards far greater than you can begin to even imagine?

Rekindle the magic, deepen and nurture the most important relationships in your life?

Stop working every hour that god sends as you intuitively KNOW when to push forward and when to pull back, gaining the optimum levels of success, wealth & happiness you deserve.

Shine your brilliance out to the world, energetically connecting with the right people and opportunities that will sky-rocket your life and business and leave a legacy for generations to come?

Finally end the second guessing yourself, as you put a stop to your self-sabotage and achieve your goals with grace & ease.

Release the patterns of the past that have been passed down the generations creating a life that works for you, rather than against you.

Ladies, Meet your host

Kezia Luckett

Positive Psychologist, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author of “The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self ” books and the CEO and Visionary behind The Woman of Contribution Company.

Combining Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, HeartMath & Energy Work, Kezia´s transformational, results orientated approach, has seen her work with women across the globe including celebrities, lawyers, CEOs, influencers, entrepreneurs, business owners, philanthropists, and socialites, helping them create an unstoppable mindset to scale for optimal levels of success, wealth and happiness.

Kezia has appeared on Medium, Authority, Entreprenur.com, Top Sante, Health Magazine,  Thrive Global, the “Awakening Giants” docuseries, Good Housekeeping, BBC Radio, UK Health Radio and a contributor for the Relaxx App.

What´s included in The Evolution of Women?

12 month programme 

A proven step by step journey combining positive psychology, quantum physics, HeartMath and Energy Work.

The Evolution of Women consists of online pre-recorded and live trainings, Q & A´s and workbooks.  With our own unique app, you can also take The Evolution of Women on the go with you.  


Disrupt the patterns of your past as you transform disempowering stories, experiences, memories, beliefs & heritage patterns into empowerment tools for the future 


Discover the missing piece of the puzzle for so many women in business and life, as you ignite and harness the power of your unique energy code


Learn how to deepen the most important relationships you have, strengthening communications and creating lifelong dreams together. 


Discover how to leave a positive impactful footprint on the world as you shift the trajectory not only of your life but generations to come 


Create wealth and abundance in your life by transforming your money mindset, beliefs and stories with both feminine and masculine energy and principles


 Tap into the potential of all emotions through the science of Positive Psychology and HeartMath. Mastery and self-regulation to create a happy, wildly delicious life 


Your words have power. Whether spoken out loud or whispered in the recess of our mind, your words create the world you live in and the  limitations and beliefs that hold you back from everything you desire in this world. 

Your investment in your future:

Evolution of women

evolution of women VIP

Feeling the Love: Testimonials

Tasha Powell Chen

The Energy Code changed my life, helping me to recalibrate to the energetic match that I desire in my relationships, business and life. The permission and acceptance it has given me to live life in accordance with my own Energy Code and move away from the repeating, outdated patterns that have kept me in stuck in certain cycles has been a true god send and resulted in a deeper and more self- honoring relationship with me.

Showing up as this new aligned version of me has created the kind of confidence in relationships and business that I have always longed for. Now I attract higher paying clients because they match my self -worth and I have become masterful at standing for what I deserve in the relationships I desire.


Alison Stockton


Kezia is one of the most profound mentors I have worked with in my career as a Health & Lifestyle coach, with compassion, humility and a desire to create the changes within us that we have desired yet hadn’t attained. In 2020 Kezia magically appeared into my life and transformed my negative beliefs in myself and the work I wanted to do. Through her mind conditioning Therapy, The energy code as well as her humility for Women to shine and rise higher than they ever thought possible, I have reached a level in my business and my self-belief that I thought would never be possible.

When I found Kezia and her work it was a HELL yes and an all into work with her. I am so, beyond, happy and grateful that I said yes to Kezia but yes to myself so that I could focus and rebuild what I thought wasn’t possible. Kezia has enabled me to uplevel my beliefs, my business and my mission and passion in my work. 

Shari Teigman


One of the hardest things about being a performance coach and business strategist is knowing that as much as you can help others, you cannot ‘operate’ on yourself. When I met Kezia, I knew immediately that I found the someone who could ‘Shari coach’ me when I cannot coach myself.

Kezia’s magic is the answer for those of who have done the foundational work, maybe even teach it, but still need to continue to work on our humanness to be the superheroes our clients need us to be without burnout or over pushing.

It’s graceful in its simplicity and powerful in the methodology- aka even high achievers can’t wiggle out of the necessary work that will amplify our brilliance in the RIGHT energy of what we need when we need it. No templates, no fluffy speak it’s about identifying where you are, what you need and learning to function better by finding your own flow. Thank you Kezia for helping me in the areas I can’t reach in myself It’s catapult time xx



Frequently asked questions

When does the Evolution of Women start?

Currently the doors to join are open 

How is the programme rolled out?

This programme has both pre-recorded and live workshops, Q & A´s, workbook and meditations, unless you have opted for the VIP option which is a fully immersive hybrid programme consisting of all of the above plus, 1:1 private sessions with me to exponential shifts in all areas of your life.  

What is your refund policy?

This is a 12 month commitment to your own evolution and growth, so please bear this in mind when signing up,however if in the first 14 days you decide it´s not for you,  email me at Kezia@kezialuckett.comI’ll ask for your completed coursework to make sure you gave it a go and ask what didn’t work for you so I can learn and improve, and then I will give 100% of your money back. 

What is the Evolution of Women App?

We have created an app for this Evolution of Women programme. Not only are all of the video´s, workbooks, meditations and trackers available at your fingertips, you can feel fully supported even when you are on the go.

Next steps:

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Your investment in your future:

Evolution of women

evolution of women VIP