As I once again prepare for the launch of my latest book “The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self” volume 4 in collaboration with imperfectly perfect, I am reminded the power that comes with the hindsight of time.

    When we are in the throes of adversity, it can be so difficult to create a positive sense of meaning.


    Because in that moment you are in a state of survival, drawing on all your reserves of resiliency to navigate the experience you find yourself in. In that moment it is near on impossible to see the golden nuggets, the lesson learnt, the wisdom and aspiration that can be drawn from this experience.

    In that moment you are immersed in the feelings, processing your actions, thoughts and behaviours. But with the hindsight of time, you can not only look with fresh eyes and create a new sense of meaning from what happened, but you can also start to join the dots.

    Discovering how that one experience has left a positive impact on your life, giving you a wisdom and knowledge that you wouldn´t have had unless you had navigated this journey. Whether that knowledge is establishing new boundaries, finding a new career, or knowing what not to look for in a relationship, it will have positively contributed to your life in some way

    So today, grab a journal and pen and sit and explore your pivotal moments of adversity with a new lens.

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    What lessons did I learn from this experience?
    Who did I become because of it?
    What path did I take that I wouldn´t have taken otherwise?
    What words of advice would I have loved to have heard during that time?

    We all get to decide what sense of meaning we give any situation, so now with the hindsight of time, how can this experience be a positive lesson?

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