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7 Day Miracle Journey

I am so excited that on the 11th January I will be hosting the 7 DAY MIRACLE JOURNEY, a more intentional and conscious way to start the new year

No more hustle, no more kickstart, no more go, go, go just a natural, supportive way to slide into 2021 and create your big dreams and aspirations, using the principles of The Energy Code.

Seven days focusing on the following miracles:

1. The miracle of intentional living.

2. The miracle of starting your day off right.
3. The miracle of your energy code.
4. The miracle of changing your language.
5. The miracle of boundaries.
6. The miracle of being fully present.
7. The miracle of showing up and shining in your truth and power.

Each day I will go live in a private Facebook group, sharing with you how you can incorporate these miracles into your life and share with you the magic that was created back in 2019 when we ran this programme for the first time.

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