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The journey to success is never
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The more successful you are, the more public your journey of navigating the highs and lows of your life and career becomes. Whether you’re sitting on the board, part of the leadership team, an entrepreneur, business owner, celebrity, CEO or philanthropist, you’ll discover a unique, safe container to explore, shift and expand beyond what you thought possible, helping you to unlock the full capacity of your human potential and express the highest authentic version of yourself, through the power of proven scientific Positive Psychology interventions, coaching and emotionally intelligent leadership. 


Hello, I’m Kezia

I’m a Positive Psychologist, Self-Compassion Consultant and Business Success Mentor, and I work with individuals who are committed to contributing to the world in a meaningful way. Positively impacting on more people, achieving exponential growth without sacrificing their mental health, wellbeing and happiness.

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly, it’s your masterpiece after all.

Nathan W Morris

It is only by looking within that we can find the truth of possibility; and in the releasing of past stories, identities, fears, experiences and beliefs, we can truly achieve anything we desire.

My work for the last 10 years has been centred around creating positive transformational change through coaching, workshops, speaking and programmes. Empowering individuals and teams to develop their strengths and unlock their full potential, whilst maintaining balance. 

Ways we can work together

As a qualified Positive Psychologist, Self-Compassion Consultant, Emotional Intelligence and Behaviour Analyst, I have created a range of pioneering, transformational methodologies, events and retreats that have created results for thousands of people across the globe.

The Shift

90 Day Intensive


Rewrite a new life story :

Mind Conditioning Therapy®

A remarkable transformational process, that equips individuals with powerful tools to break free from the shackles of negative beliefs, fears and the stories that have held them back. By skilfully rewriting their past, this innovative approach helps create fresh, dynamic patterns and new neural pathways in the mind. Shedding the anchors that keep you stuck in a cycle of self doubt and limitation. 



Discover how to bolster your energy :

The Energy Code®

Balance the art of “being” and “doing” with this individualised peak performance energy tool, enabling you to rebalance the power within, honour the art of self-compassion and experience exponential growth that you see happening for others, without the burnout, overwhelm and exhaustion by working less and enjoying life more.



Create a new future with :


Intentionally and consciously create your individualised path of success in all areas of your life as you connect to your future self through mental time travel, increasing your attention on the things that will magnetise the right opportunities, people and circumstances that will allow the highest version of self to be expressed.

Destined for bigger things

Programmes, Retreats & Conferences

You belong here! Join us for our programmes, retreats and conferences, where life and business come together.

VIP Success Days

A personalised VIP success day in the most beautiful locations. Spend the day working on you, your business and those things holding you back, as you experience a day dedicated to both “being and doing”.

The Pay it Forward Series

Notes to my Younger Self books

Our moments of adversity can often become the guidance we need to discover our Why, our Passion, Our Impact. Join the Pay it Forward Family and legacy that was created over 5 years ago, as together we positively impact on one billion lives, by sharing your story and becoming a co-author .

Click the link below and enquire how to get involved

Transforming Organisations from Good to Great:

Positive Leadership Global

We are passionate about the transformative influence of Positive Leadership. Our mission is to elevate organisations from good to great by discovering and nurturing the leaders who inspire positive change. Our distinctive Positive Impact Mapping platform is the cornerstone of this transformation. 

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Your safe space to unravel the patterns that are holding you hostage.

If you are looking for exponential growth in your life and business, and it’s important to you to create success in a way that honors your authenticity and the natural rhythm of how you experience life —- Kezia is the role model and mentor for you!

Tasha Powell Chen
Founder of The Science of Getting Rich Academy. USA

Discovering Kezia and her mission to help women up-level their lives was a pivotal moment for me.

Since seeing Kezia my life and experiences have expanded in unexpected and spectacular ways. My success has grown exponentially in all areas of my life. I have achieved things I previously hadn’t even dreamed of!

Christine Tylee
Presidential Leader of the Body Shop at Home, Australia

Turning to Kezia has been the best decision I could have made at that time in my life.

The political and social environment of my country had affected my belief system about money in ways I did not fully realize. Thanks to Kezia’s unique insight and ability to take me through a process of self-discovery, I am well on my way to accomplishing my business goals and my life goals.

Anna Kupisz
CEO & Business Mentor, Poland

I listened to a live she was doing in one of the groups I was in and I knew instantly that I needed to review where I was

Kezia came into my life in a remarkable way. I listened to a live she was doing in one of the groups I was in and I knew instantly that I needed to review where I was, but also to review the past, let go of some baggage and make some life changing decisions.

Beverley Fray
Life Strategist

When I found Kezia and her work it was a HELL yes and an all in to work with her.
Kezia is one of the most profound mentors I have worked with in my career as a Health & Lifestyle coach, with compassion, humility and a desire to create the changes within us that we have desired yet hadn’t attained.

Alison Stockton
Trauma Informed Functional Medicine Practitioner

If you have a blockage or are dwelling on the past rather than your future – then engage with Kezia.
I can’t recommend Kezia highly enough! I have worked with her for many years – initially when I was a customer for her online concierge business, and then later when she became my coach and mentor.

Della Judd

Kezia’s ability to help people let go of their limitations is out of this world.
Not only did she sense my emotions and was able to help me deal with the triggers but she was also able to help me let go and step into a whole new empowered me.

Flavia Powell
Hypnotherapist, Coach and NLP Practitioner

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